Fluff n Fold

hard black hanger used in fluff n fold operations for regular shirts

Commercial Fluff n Fold Services

Sudsy provides everything you need to stock your commercial fluff n fold and coin laundry supplies. We have a large variety of commercial laundry supplies from carts to hangers to detergents that allow your fluff n fold facility to run as efficiently as possible.

Keep your staff productive and maximize profit with our extensive line of laundromat products. They are ideal for stocking your supply closet and having it ready for any amount of customers on any given day. With our large selection of laundry supplies, you can ensure all your laundromat meets are addressed and taken care of.

We offer commercial laundry supplies that are essential to the daily operations of your business. Choosing Sudsy for your commercial supplies is a smart and economical choice for large or small facilities. Whether you offer pickup, delivery, or dry cleaning laundromat services, Sudsy has all the supplies to ensure you are fully equipped in your fluff & fold laundry operation!

What Is Fluff N Fold?

The industry term “fluff n fold” refers to the convenient laundry service for machine-washable items, including clothes and linens. The service is also called “wash and fold” and is provided by various types of laundromats, cleaners, and similar facilities.

Laundry services is a $40 billion industry that seems to continue to grow. Technology is transforming the industry with more businesses providing smart machines that are compatible with software that makes the whole process more efficient.

As the industry continually grows, laundry service companies rely on products and equipment that help their businesses run efficiently. Sudsy is a proud and leading commercial laundry supplies supplier that has helped clients get a competitive edge over their competitors with our comprehensive inventory of laundry supplies.

carts for efficient fluff n fold laundry operation
hard black hanger used in fluff n fold operations for regular shirts

Additional Fluff And Fold

Sudsy also provides a miscellaneous category or additional fluff and fold for items your facility might need. These include rubber gloves, posters, dispenser racks, folding boards, and more.

Equip your facility with everything your staff and customers might need. Never miss a day of revenue due to not having enough supplies. Keep all items in stock and check our website regularly for the latest products.

Fluff N Fold Laundry Bags

Sudsy provides a variety of fluff and fold bags that come in various sizes and features to ensure every client’s needs are met. These bags are essential for the daily operations of a laundry service facility. Options include nylon bags that prove to be some of the most durable. Some bags are designed for use within the facility and others for customer use.

One of the most popular bags is our heavy-duty nylon bag with a drawstring closure and sturdy barrel lock. It is double-stitched at the seams for a durable design. It is ideal for customers to use to transport their clothes to and from home. They are great for customers to use while dropping off laundry.

nylon bag for fluff n fold commercial laundry
fluff n fold laundry carts for maximum convenience

Fluff And Fold Laundry Equipment

Laundry facilities must be equipped with particular fluff and fold laundry equipment or items that allow precision and productivity. A popular piece of fluff n fold equipment is a laundry scale. We have a variety of scales that accommodate every requirement and budget.

Scales are essential for accurate measurements of items and allow the facility to produce accurate quotes and invoices.

A basic economy laundry scale can hold up to 40 pounds of weight. Some models don’t require electricity or batteries. Instead, they are fully mechanically operated. You may also choose a digital scale that is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Larger facilities may require mobile tub laundry scales. They come with carts on wheels that your staff can easily transport within the facility. There are various sizes, some holding up to 250 pounds or more.

Hangers For Fluff N Fold Laundry

Keep your facility neat and customers happy with the correct type of hangers for fluff and fold. Sudsy provides a variety of hangers, some basic and others with more features. Choose from various designs, including pant hangers that prevent wrinkles, drapery hangers, caped hangers with printed text, and others.

Proper hangers protect clothing while creating an easy mode of transporting items. Some models include pant guards, which are ideal for keeping pants looking their best. Choose hangers with foam covers in various colors. Using the proper hanger protects garments and has varying metal hardness appropriate to the fabric to avoid material damage.

steel hangers for fluff n fold laundry facility
apron for hygienic fluff n fold laundry operation

Fluff And Fold Laundry Kits

At Sudsy, we are always committed to delivering the user-friendly solutions you need at a fair price. We have been selling standard change-makers for over sixty years.

Why Purchase The Standard Changer?

A popular section on our website is our fluff and fold kits. They are a perfect way to supply your laundry facility and your staff with all they need to operate efficiently daily. They include general instructions and laminated posters for hours of operations.

They are a great way to advertise the prices, promotions, and other information. The kit also includes aprons, drop-off bags, receipt forms, control sheets, advertising handouts, color-coded magnets, machine ID numbers, and other useful items.

Fluff N Fold In Bulk

Many businesses buy fluff and fold in bulk for the obvious economic and operational advantage. It is a great way to save money and ensure that your facility will never be out of supplies. Sudsy features a variety of commercial supplies in bulk, including Oxi-Clean, scented and unscented detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and more.

hard black hanger used in fluff n fold operations for regular shirts
nylon bag for fluff n fold commercial laundry

Fluff And Fold Supplies

In addition to fluff n fold items and equipment, Sudsy also provides fluff and fold supplies such as invoices and receipt books that help your facility stay organized while tracking orders. We also have items such as aprons that are ideal for your staff’s busy day.

Choose from a variety of apron designs that creates a uniform for your staff and allow them to be more productive with pockets where they can easily access what they need throughout their day.

Carts For Fluff N Fold

Carts for fluff and fold are essential to any laundry facility. They help customers and staff transport heavy loads quickly without causing harm to themselves. At Sudsy, we have a variety of carts ideal for your particular needs.

As you browse our carts section, you will find a variety of models that function well in different settings and offer maximum convenience. For example, our Complete Combo cart includes a garment rack, cover kit, and a basket shelf which you can buy separately.

Also available are our deluxe elevated carts that feature a double pole rack. This is a simple and timeless design that provides ergonomic support by elevating the basket — no need to bend down to load and unload clothes. This cart features a lower shelf where additional supplies can be stored while in use. They are made from strong stainless steel hardware, ultra plated wheel casters, and an anti-rust finish.

The heavy-duty double pole rack for extra hanging space creates ultimate efficiency. Its dual bumper system allows the cart to be freely used without worries of damaging the facility.

carts for efficient fluff n fold laundry operation
hard black hanger used in fluff n fold operations for regular shirts

Laundry Shrink Film

A laundry shrink film is another valuable item to include as part of your commercial laundry supplies. It is a heavy-duty, water-resistant, and hygienic method for protecting garments. Choose a 5,000-foot roll that protects from moisture, dust, and dirt. Laundered items will stay fresh and protected from dust until the day they are unwrapped in the customer’s location.

Complete Line Of Commercial Laundry Supplies

For any of your commercial fluff n fold laundry needs, call Sudsy! We will guide you in finding the appropriate products and equipment your facility requires at the most reasonable price. We have all your fluff and fold needs covered to ensure you are most equipped to run your laundry operation efficiently! Please do not hesitate to call us for questions or inquiries.

nylon bag for fluff n fold commercial laundry