Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry Supplies

Sudsy has been recognized as an Industry Leader when it comes to supplying the best Coin Laundry products in the industry today- We look to stock the items we sell- so they are ready for fast delivery, wherever you may be.

In addition to manufacturing many custom Laundromat accessories, you will find Sudsy is a full-line distributor for Standard & Rowe Change Machines, RB Carts, Vend-Rite Venders and many other coin laundry products.

Coin Vending Products

Coin Vending Products

SUDSY has been a leader in the coin laundry industry since 1959- from coin-vend soaps, vending products, Laundromat signs, decals, nylon bags, coin slides/boxes


We distribute venders for most of the products you can vend in a laundromat. Mechandising marts that will vend soda, water, & candy as well as multiple types of detergent venders.
Fluff-n-Fold Supplies

Fluff-n-Fold Supplies

From detergents to bagging jacks, we have all of the products & supplies to get your customers Wash-Dry-Fold perfect every time.
Laundry Carts

Laundry Carts

Sudsy sells exclusively R&B Wire Products Carts because they are simply the best! From the industry standard 100-E-58 cart and rack, to the Bushel carts, few companies have been selling their carts before us
Retail Products

Retail Products

Many fully-attended laundromats are now selling Over the counter products / large bulk items to customers. We have a full range & sizes of OTC products.
  • Tide
  • Clorox
  • Ariel
  • Cloralen
  • Foca
  • Downy
  • Suavitel
  • Gain
  • Roma
  • Bounce
  • Soilove
Change Machines and Money Handling

Change machines & Money Handling

Sudsy is an authorized dealer for Rowe & Standard Changemakers and Bill-to-bill exchangers. Our changer parts department stocks parts for many models of changers. We also have bill & coin counters, sorters & wrappers, laundry bags, coin rolls, and more.
Seatings and Tables

Tables/Chairs & Seating

Seats, benches, tables, corner molding, cove base, & chairs
Laundry Parts, Hoses and Coin Accessories

Laundry Parts, Hoses & Coin Accessories carries coin laundry parts for Alliance Laundry Systems – Huebsch, SpeedQueen, Unimac, Dexter, Wascomat, Maytag, Whirlpool…and more

From belts to drain valves, has 1000’s of parts for all major commercial brands of washers, extractors & dryers.

Laundry Card and Washer Payment System

Laundry Card & Washer Payment Systems

Given the ever-changing self service laundry market, many manufacturers CCI, ESD, & SpyderWash are providing new payment systems to start Laundromat washers & dryers. Many units allow you to accept credit/debit and or loyalty cards in addition to coins at your washers and dryers. Perfect for large machines where coin boxes fill quickly, attract more customers, and build customer loyalty!
Coin laundry sign

What Is Coin Laundry?

Often, coin-operated laundries are safe ventures. This is because people have to wash clothes daily or weekly. They go to places where they can pay to have their clothes cleaned. These places use commercial-grade washing machines and dryers. To use these machines, you need coins to operate them. Places like these are known as coin-op laundries, Laundromats, or self-service laundries. They are usually called coin laundry. These ventures may also provide dry cleaning services.
Laundromat coin laundry washers and dryers

How Much Is A Coin Laundry Machine?

Coin laundries use coin-operated machines. There are many different coin laundry machines to choose from. The prices of these machines range between $900 to $5,000. Their value depends on:
  • Build quality,
  • Brand,
  • Productivity, and
  • Loading size, among other factors.
Coin laundry washer and dryer

How Much Profit Does A Coin Laundry Make?

A laundromat’s annual gross income ranges from $30,000 to $1 million. Its profits often come from the coins deposited into the equipment by punters. Also, they profit from venders for laundry products, food, and beverages. Pickups and deliveries services also add to the profit.

Coin Laundry Supplies

Here at Sudsy, we are known for our custom coin laundry supplies. This is thanks to our over five years of practice. We supply long-lasting and energy-efficient coin washers and dryers. With their help, they ease the laundry process.
These machines have innovative features and advanced engineering. They help get rid of stubborn stains, grime, and dirt. Our device does not compromise the integrity of the laundry fabric fibers. Thus, your patrons will enjoy the efficient laundry outcome of our machines. As such, it will positively add to the services you offer.
Benches in the coin laundry

Besides our custom supplies, we also stock top-quality products from other well-known manufacturers. They include:

  • RB Carts,
  • Standard & Rowe Change Machines,
  • Vend-Rite Venders and many other Coin brands.

Please take note that we stock all our supplies in our catalog. Wherever your laundromat coin is, we will ship your order in the least time doable. We offer fast and secure delivery services to our clients.

Laundromat Coin Laundry Machines
Coin Laundry laundry carts
The laundry industry is a thriving market. As a result, people have many laundromats to pick from. Thus, you must give your patrons a wide range of products. This helps set you apart from your rivals. Having top-quality coin vending products is critical in enhancing your customer’s satisfaction. Our coin vender products will help improve your washer. What’s more, they will also boost the profits in your franchise. Some of our products include: Coin slides/boxes, Laundromat signs, Coin-vend soaps and detergents, Nylon bags, Softeners, Boosters, and Dryer sheets.

Once you have the best equipment, it is time to think about coin machine venders. Laundromats should provide their patrons with a stress-free laundry experience. Coin machine venders play a crucial role in allowing positive customer feedback.

At Sudsy, we stock vending machines with anything you can vend in a laundromat. From soap and detergent venders to bag venders, we have it. We also have water venders and candy venders. You name it; we got it in our inventory.

All our venders feature a unique elevator and conveyor delivery system. These features aid in boosting delivery and product size. Also, we stress variety and versatility in our coin machine vender catalog. Thus, you can offer your patrons essential products safely and efficiently.

If you run a wash-and-fold laundry service besides your standard dry cleaner, you must stock up on the best supplies. Some of them include:

  • Highest quality professional laundry detergent,
  • Fabric softeners,
  • Top-notch bagging supplies,
  • Hangers, and
  • Safety pins.

These laundry coin supplies are sure to set you apart from others. Our professional team at Sudsy is ready to help you make the best buying choice for your franchise. 

We offer our clients top-of-the-line supplies. In turn, we will ensure your clients remain satisfied with your laundry service. Our coin laundry or fluff n fold supplies inventory includes:

  • Top quality safety pins,
  • Sturdy hangers,
  • stain removers,
  • A wide array of detergents,
  • Bag supplies,
  • Gloves,
  • Aprons,
  • Laundry wraps, and many more.

One thing your coin laundry should have is laundry carts. They help in moving large volumes of wet and dry clothes. Hence, it saves time and effort. Such carts also help maintain high hygiene standards. With the carts, your employees or customers do not have to lug around dirty clothes. A good-quality laundry cart has a long-lasting and high-quality build. It also has sturdy swivel caster wheels for easy movement.

Due to its flawless quality and strength, Sudsy only stocks the best coin laundry carts in the market. R&B Wire Products Carts help increase proficiency and protect the floors. They have a stainless steel build for longevity, and some of them even come with ultra-plated Clean Wheel System™ casters. These are top-quality wheels that are rust-resistant and flexible.

Besides ordinary laundry services, many laundromats sell large bulk/over-the-counter laundry products. In this case, we’re proud to share with you that Sudsy has a comprehensive inventory of varied Coin Laundry OTC. We have top brands like Downy, Tide, Foca, Cloraleen, Ariel, Clorox, Soilive, Bounce, and many more. Partner with us to get access to the best and most affordable over-the-counter products.

Coin Laundry & Change Machines

Laundromats get many coins or tokens from their machines. If you are a 24-hour franchise, you must be amassing thousands of coins and tokens every day. Thus, it is vital to have a working coin change machine. The change machines are responsible for trading one form of money for some other. It is also good to have coin counters. Having one will help you with the sheer volume of coins you will collect after a successful day of top-quality services.  Sudsy is an authorized distributor of Rowe & Standard Changemakers and Bill-to-Bill exchangers. Their name, Rowe & Standard, has been in the industry for many years. They are famous for making coin laundry change machines and bill validator/ exchanger equipment. With their product, you no longer need the traditional cash drawer. These machines are sure to change the way you handle your money. They will improve reliability and free up your time.
Laundry carts at coin laundry laundromat
Coin Laundry Soap Vending Machine

Coin Laundromat Furniture

Choosing the right type of furniture is vital in enhancing your customer’s experience. Traditional laundromats had only a few hard chairs. Now, many laundromats offer their patrons diverse provisions. Some of these provisions include charging stations, television, Wi-Fi, and even candy venders. Below are some of the must-have coin laundromat furniture.
Like washers, dryers, and coin laundry change machines, coin laundry tables are another vital part of your laundry. They provide a safe space for your patrons to fold their dry clothes without damaging them. A good laundry table must be stout and sizable. It must also be sturdy enough to support the weight of the clothes and other items placed on it. Get pieces that will suit your store’s décor and color scheme. Sudsy has varying aesthetically pleasing coin laundry tables. Our table inventory consists of valuable metal, plastic, laminate, and fiberglass tabletops. These materials assure longevity and are easy to clean.
Your clients are likely to stay at your premises for at least one wash and dry cycle. Thus, you must provide them with plush Coin Laundry seating. Often, your patrons are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of house chores. By giving them comfortable seating, they can relax at your premises. In turn, this encourages them to spend more time and, even, look forward to coming to your premises. Sudsy is ready to supply you with long-lasting and comfy coin laundry seating. Some of them include:
  • Modular seating units,
  • Outdoor benches,
  • Metal furnishings,
  • Stools, and many more.

Commercial Coin Laundry Parts

Laundry equipment is a huge investment for any laundromat owner. So, choosing the right machines is not a decision to take lightly. It is advisable to select equipment that is:
  • Sturdy,
  • Has a large carrying volume,
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to use and understand,
  • Efficient and has
  • Quiet operation.
Sadly, due to the frequent use of the machines, they are prone to break down. Luckily, instead of buying a new machine, you can opt to buy high-quality coin laundry parts.  Sudsy has partnered with It is a well-known manufacturer of top-quality commercial laundry parts at affordable prices. With this, we have thousands of laundry parts for popular laundry equipment.
A successful laundromat must have commercial laundry equipment. You must ensure that they are working well. If your equipment gets damaged, it is cheaper to repair it. Here at Sudsy, we have high-quality coin laundry replacement parts for all top brands. We have partnered with to offer many laundry parts. supplies coin laundry parts from:
  • Huebsch,
  • Unimac,
  • SpeedQueen,
  • Dexter,
  • Maytag,
  • Wascomat,
  • Whirlpool and other Alliance Laundry Systems.
Coin Laundry Machines

Coin Laundry Transactions

Coin laundries make plenty of vending income in a single day. Owners must have a robust payment system to manage those coin laundry transactions.

Over the years, laundromat payment systems have come a long way. New payment systems like cloud-based coin laundry point of sale machines (Coin laundry POS) are remarkably trouble-free and fast. These systems come in handy when starting laundromat equipment.

Having a coin laundry point of sale equipment allows owners to accept any payment type. Some of the popular payment types include debit/credit cards, coins, and loyalty cards. Coin laundry POS is a comprehensive and easy-to-use system that gets rid of doubt and saves time.

Note that a coin laundry POS is ideal for large machines where the coin boxes/slides fill up quickly. Using this payment method will attract more clients and encourage customer loyalty. It will also give rise to more profit for your firm.

If you run a wash and fold service, you could think about using curbside laundries. They offer on-demand wash dry fold pos services. Thanks to its integrated business management system software, coin laundry owners can make more intelligent choices. They can also lower their payroll and increase growth in their line of work.

Now more than ever, the laundromat industry is growing and thriving. So, if you are looking to start a laundromat coin venture, now is the best time. Visit Sudsy for help in buying top-quality supplies. We also provide laundry coin products, furniture, and payment systems.

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Sudsy Vending Supplies has been serving the industry since the 1950’s and is a full stocking distributor for many manufacturers. We have just about everything to help you make your business run smoothly and as hassle-free as possible.

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